Eva Thörnblad is a main character in series 1 of Jordskott. She is portrayed by actress Moa Gammel.


Originally from Silverhöjd, Eva Thörnblad is police investigator and "expert" negotiator, although the first negotiation we seen in Episode I doesn't go so well. She is shot in the chest at point-blank range by a psychotic, shotgun-wielding man holding his ex-wife hostage in a desperate and ill-conceived bid to win back custody of his daughter. She is still trying to cope with the disappearance of her own daughter, Josefine under mysterious circumstances, and it is the mystery of this event which tortures her. Eva is shown listening to thrash metal while jogging, but it is unclear whether this is a genre she enjoys, or if she is perhaps trying to drown out her own torturous thoughts.


Eva is a driven, but emotionally damaged woman who suffered immense heartbreak after the loss of her daughter, Josefine. What really eats at her is the mysterious circumstances of it all, as Josefine vanished on a picnic by a lake when Eva turned her back briefly. When a child dies, it is tragic, and their parents suffer greatly- but there is closure. In Eva's case, she is left in a tortured state not knowing if her daughter is deceased, or still alive somewhere, possibly scared and/or suffering.

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